This year, we bid farewell to an exceptionally successful fair that captivated audiences far and wide. Drawing companies from 14 diverse countries, it emerged as the focal point for thousands of enthusiastic visitors. Boasting 87 exhibitors and welcoming over 4000 attendees, it set new benchmarks for excellence and engagement.

The Oil & Gas Iraq Expo 2025 is set to take place from January 21st to 24th at the prestigious Basra International Fairground, boasting an extensive array of local and international participants. This event presents a prime opportunity to expand your business network within this strategically advantageous locale.

With a surge in projects within the oil and gas sector, industry growth is inevitable. Companies worldwide are capitalizing on these opportunities to solidify their presence in the Iraqi market and maximize their returns in the years ahead. The Oil & Gas Iraq Expo serves as the ultimate platform for industry professionals and investors alike, convening this January 2025.

Don't miss out on the unparalleled opportunity to penetrate the Iraqi market and forge invaluable connections. Join us at the Oil & Gas Iraq Expo 2025 for a transformative experience in the heart of the oil and gas industry's latest frontier.


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Basrah International Fairground

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